How we started

The Senses Project is an organisation, started by its founders Joe and Dave, supporting adults and young people to develop their personal skills and to achieve their individual aspirations. As of 2018, The Senses Project operates in East Dorset and South Hampshire.


The Senses Project offers a variety of tailored services both meeting our aims and in the best interest of the people we work with and support. The services offered are:

What we aim for

Our aims are to:

Provide Accessible Person-Centred Support

The focus is to make each support plan tailored to the individual to meet the needs of their support, promote independence, and develop the skills to succeed in their own goals. The support packages offered are designed to be affordable, completely person-centred, and led by the individual being supported.


Support and Offer Guidance for Families

Through the services offered, The Senses Project can provide tailored support for both families and the individuals they care for. This is in the form of respite and of guidance/mentoring. This is achieved by helping the parent carer to develop tailored support and to connect with the complex needs of the person they care for.


Share Knowledge

The Senses Project offers a variety of workshops personally designed to engage attendees in the content of the courses. The courses are designed to offer an ‘understanding’ of specific subject areas and are delivered by qualified trainers

Our Vision

To tailor the support provided with a new approach. Everything within our support packages is inline with a simple and tailor-made plan, personalised to the individual. We are learning all the time to push the boundaries and strive to the great achievements of our clients.


Our clients are involved in our journey. With every new project, our vision is for our clients to be there. 

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