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What is The Senses Community?

The idea for The Senses Community has come from the challenges we are all facing together, and have been since March 2020 in the United Kingdom. 

However, the need for more accessible, and simplified ways to unite together as a community; to share, to experience, and to develop easier has been a need much longer overdue.

The sense of a community can feel lost within anxiety, stress, and isolation. Support has become increasingly harder to access and so this is where The Senses Community comes in.

This Community is designed as a collective sharing of ideas, strategies, methods and inspiration for self-help and overall mental well-being.

This page will update regularly, with new self-help workshops, videos from the team, links, projects, and a group chat forum to get involved in.

What if the change isn't what we actually find scary? Lets consider the anticipation of change being the difficult part;

Step 1: Take a look at our emotional literacy workshop. Click Here

Step 2: Apply your emotional literacy to understanding your emotions. Click Here

Step 3: Now for the fun part, lets get thinking about what you have personally felt anticipating change. Look back over Step 1 and identify

  your emotion.

Step 4: When you next face anticipating even a small change, remind yourself the emotion you want to identify with those feelings. 


It's important to repeat these steps and continuing these steps as it won't get better instantly, but keep this up and your well on your way to a much better experience of change in your life! 

Enjoy, and let us know how you get on.

How many times can we all say we've been daunted by or rejected the idea of an upcoming change?

Now 9 out of 10 times the change isn't all that bad, and probably even good for us. So why do we reject it? Why can change become scary?

Making change Exciting, not Scary

"Smaller Steps to Your Future"

Take a look at the this next video.

This is a talk through animated guide to help you start building achievable targets and begin your journey toward your life goals.

Even if you don't know what your

want to achieve in your life yet, that's okay. Watch the video, help yourself start this journey and make your day count.

Don't forget, we're here. 

The Senses Community is a safe place for

you to get support in a safe place.

Self-Help and Your Toolbox


1. Understanding Emotional Literacy



A simple start to learning about emotional literacy and how this will help you deal with challenges, socialising, relationships, and more.

Understanding Breaking Point

Have you ever reached breaking point, yet afterwards, you're left wondering why you got so upset or angry?

Have you ever been told to 'calm down' but not understood why you need to what that even means?

This is a simple exercise demonstrating:

  • how we build to, and what might contribute to your breaking point

  • What self-help strategies may be, and how they work.

The Community Forum

The Community Forum is a safe way to communicate and share your ideas, thoughts and understanding of experiences, diagnosis' or to ask questions.

The forum is public to all members, and creates a brilliant collective of experiences, knowledge, and support for everyone within The Senses Community.

Click the link and get interactive via The Community Forum.

Share, Learn, and Enjoy.