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Independence Support Programme

From £17.00 per hour

6 - 24 months

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About Our Independence Support

The support provided is completely person-centred and designed to meet the support needed within the individual’s own home. Each support session will be planned to incorporate supporting the individual within their home and their community. Our flexible and holistic approach offers the guidance required for an individual to build their own self-help ‘tool kit’ to cope with challenges, empowering the individual toward achieving their chosen goals and move forward towards greater independence.

We focus the support on building strong positive relationships with the individual and the family in line with our core values. The service will structure tailored methods to support the individual meeting both short-term and long-term personal targets. This will be subject to regular monthly review with the individual and overseen by an assigned Key Worker.

The service aims to support the individual to develop the skills required to promote their independence. The personalised service includes support:

  • Gaining an understanding of Personal Hygiene

  • Keeping a Clean and Safe Living Space

  • With food Preparation, Cooking, and Healthy Living

  • Going food and Grocery Shopping

  • Budgeting and Managing Money

  • Attending Social/Leisure Activities/Events

  • Keeping safe while accessing their community

  • Attending Scheduled appointments and activities

  • To enjoy and Achieve

  • Planning their day

  • Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Dealing with Challenges

  • Building Positive Relationships

  • Accessing and Registering with Health Services

  • Advocacy and Support attending appointments

  • Accessing Education/Further Education/Employment

  • Accessing Public Transport and Travelling independently

  • Obtaining independent accommodation and accessing a tenancy

The support we offer will incorporate therapeutic approaches, building confidence and supporting individuals dealing with challenges and processing trauma. With a strong background in Sensory Processing and Autism, our tailored approaches aim to support individuals to develop the skills, and an understanding of their own needs, needed to promote self-help and independence.
We will work with the individual, their family and support team, as the individual develops an understanding of their own identity, who supports them, and their personal history, through Life-Story sessions.
The support strategies we use include the P.A.C.E model (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, Empathy), focussing on a positive behaviour support structure. We use Restorative Justice guidelines to encourage positive behaviours through positive rewards and appropriate education. Other strategies and opportunities within the service include:


  • Workshops

  • Life Story Support

  • Sensory Processing Activities

  • Focus Discussions

We hold a Multi-Agency approach to the support we deliver, working alongside other professionals incorporating the views of; the individual, local authorities, families, and other services involved in the individual’s support.

"Joe and David are really nice and understanding. They work with me and the other professionals involved in my care to help me do what’s best for me. They make the support fun and personalised."